The under-12 set just can’t get enough of Kids Fest, and it’s easy to see why! With great movies, popcorn, and plenty of activities at our FREE lawn party, there is simply no better place to spend a summer day.

After the $1 family movies at Lars Hockstad Wednesday-Saturday, join us from 11 am to 2 pm on the beautiful lawn outside for games, arts and crafts, performances, bubbles, sports, food, giveaways, and much more. Bring some sunscreen and kids who are ready to have fun. The fun is on us!


2016 FILMS

The Escape
Carter Boyce
2015 | USA | 5 min.(OTTO)
Job, Joris & Marieke
2015 | Netherlands | 10 min.Stems
Ainslie Henderson
2015 |UK | 3 min.Taking Flight
Brandon Oldenburg
2015 | USA | 6 min.

Shorts For Kids 4+
Program length: 84 min.
Kids ages 4 and up will love this program of films from around the world about imaginary friends, mechanical boys, Oscar-nominated spotlights, puppet bands, and wagon rides to worlds of fantasy.Exclamation Mark
Virginia Wilkos
2014 | USA | 7 min.The Lonliest Stoplight 
Billy Plympton
2015 | USA | 6 min.Daisy Chain
Gavin Scott Davis
2015 | Austrailia | 5 min.The Girl Who Spoke Cat
Dotty Scott Davis
2014 | UK, Poland | 6 min.Violet 
Maurice Joyce
2015 | Ireland | 8 min.

Age of Obscure
Mirai Mizue, Hana Ono
2015 | Japan | 3 min.

Tiny’s New Home
Justin Hayward
2015 | USA | 7 min.


The SleepWalker
Theodore Ushev
2015 |Canada | 5 min.


Powers of Ten
Charles Eames, Ray Eames
1977 | USA | 4 min.

Daniel Cloud Campos
Spencer Susser
2016 |USA | 4 min.

Phantom Boy

2015 | France, Belgium | NR | 84 min.
Directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol.
He’s eleven, he’s invisible, he can fly, and he’s got 24 hours to save New York. Leo is a brave 11-year-old with a serious illness, a loving family, a heart like a lion, and a superhero talent: he can float free of his body and roam his home city of New York at will. When a mobster with a face like a Picasso painting takes New York hostage, lock-ing up its computers with a virus and demanding a huge sum of money, Leo teams up with a police officer who is recovering in the hospital where he is undergoing chemotherapy, and uses his unique gift to follow suspects, report on criminal activities, and, ultimately, get the bad guys. The makers of “A Cat in Paris” (TCFF 2011) have created a warm, whimsical detective story that will delight tweens and entertain adults. In English. Contains detective and gangster genre cartoon violence, and illness-based thematic elements.
Recommended ages: 10 – 13

Shorts for All Kids

Program length: 77 min.
What do you get when you mix walking sushi, singing cows, puppet scientists, Taoist mice, and a world-famous pigeon? An exceptional shorts program for our youngest film fans!
Recommended ages 2 – 5

Light Motif
Frédéric Bonpapa
2014 | France | 5 min.The Ducking Gets a Cookie
Pete List
2014 | USA | 8 min.Some Thing
Elena Walf
2015 | Germany | 7 min.Caballito De Mar
Yenny Santamaría Amado
2014 | Columbia | 4 min.Aria for a Cow
Dan Lund
2015 | USA | 7 min.Fridge Princess
Tale Linh Do, Michelle Oh, Ruby Xia
2016 | Canada | 2 min.Genius Expo
Mirai Mizue
2015 | Japan | 6 min.Head Up!
Gottfried Mentor
2015 | Germany | 3 min.The Teeny-Weeny Fox
Aline Quertain, Sylwia Szkiladz
2015 | France | 8 min.Pawo
Antje Heyn
2016 | Germany | 5 min.Sky High
Stewart Powers
2015 | UK | 2 min.Konigiri-Kun
Mari Miyazawa
2015 | Japan | 5 min.Sto[ne]s
Marcin Gizycki
2015 | Poland | 2 min.Lambs
Gottfried Mentor
2013 | Germany | 4 min.Entrance Exam
Boqing Tang, Xiaolan Zeng
2013 | China | 7 min.No Bongo Ting Kwa Kwa
Walter Santucci
2015 | USA | 2 min.


2015 | Austrailia | G | 95 min.
Directed by Stuart McDonald.
Oddball is an adorable sheepdog who just will not listen. He’s supposed to protect Farmer Swampy Marsh’s chickens from prowling foxes, but instead, his main pastime is tearing through town and knocking things over—he’s number one on the Warrnambool dogcatcher’s most wanted list. But when the oceanside town is threatened by potential closure of the penguin sanctuary that financially supports most of the town’s inhabitants, including Farmer Marsh’s daughter, Oddball becomes an unexpected hero. Turns out, Oddball does have a knack for protecting flightless birds, so long as they’re black and white. Grab the whole family and treat them to one of the sweetest, cutest films you ever will see, complete with an environmental message and (spoiler alert) a very happy ending. And the best part? It’s a true story!
Recommended ages: 4 – 7

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Kids Fest takes over the lawn outside Lars Hockstad Auditorium Wednesday, July 27 – Saturday, July 30 from 11 am to 2 pm.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
CRAFT SERVICES Create props and learn the secrets of set design in the arts and crafts tent!
BACKLOT Each day we’ll offer a special activity good for all ages in our backlot tent.
ON LOCATION So much to do on the lawn: crawl through the House of Magic – Yoga – Bubbles – Face Painting – Balloons – Caricatures – Tiny Tot Play Area – Healthy Food in the Commissary – Giant Chess – Misting Tent – Dress up
STAR TRAILER Be the star of your own FlipBook
SOUND STAGE Music, drama, storytelling, magic, science, and more—we’ve got constant just great entertainment on the big stage!

2016 #TWEEN

Check out the #tween films here.

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