Introducing Our New App!

The Traverse City Film Festival works its hardest to provide a fun and involving festival for everyone. With all of the panels, movies, venues, film school, parties, there is a lot to keep track of. To make things easier, we have partnered with Yo2Mo to create an app for your smartphone to put all this information in the palms of your hands!

The application has a “Now Showing” feature with a picture, description and location of all of the Panels, Parties, Shorts, Film School classes, and special screenings. This “Now Showing” feature provides an easy way to plan your day.

Lets face it, directions can be a challenge. This app provides all of the venues with a list of maps and pictures to find your next venue easily. The app has a clickable map of every venue , a link to the venue web site and gives you the chance to check in at the location, post comments and share your location with others.

It’s always fun to chat with other festivalgoers and this interactive app makes that possible. The app features a fan wall that allows for anyone logged in to the app using Facebook or Twitter, to chat amongst themselves about all the fun things that’s happening around them.

There’s no better way to stay engaged to all things TCFF then Twitter. Twitter is the best way for us to communicate with all of our TCFF movie lovers. The app will put all of the tweets, or choose only official tweets from TCFF, the TCFF mentions of other feeds will show up on this app feature. We have a Twitter guru on our hands and all of the best and fascinating events happening at that time will go through Twitter and in just 140 characters, you’ll get the full scoop!

The favorites feature is a great way to highlight the films you are seeing so you can easily access them and to revisit them.

The app also provides videos of the bumpers that are shown before the film. The credits portion of the app provides a list of all of our wonderful sponsors that make the festival happen.

Another great feature is the polls. Each day, the app will post a new poll that has questions about your experience at TCFF. It’s fun and interactive!

It’s so easy to download the app – all you have to do is type “Traverse City Film Festival” in the Google Play app account for Droid users or the app store for iPhone users. Or you can just scan the QR code below! It’s just that easy!

The app provides all of the information you need in one place and allows you to easily access the information.

Enjoy our new app, all thanks to Yo2Mo!